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This community was founded by a small group of close friends that were originally from Terminus, a Steam Community we started in 2010. We traditionally used TeamSpeak, and when Discord launched we started to gather folks there.


We formed SocialAnxietyGaming (Now HurtLockerGaming) to start and hosted a few servers of games we all liked to play. Soon we started growing and created a new Discord server for our second community, just for Hosted Servers. Today we host a few servers, but will always have the crowd favorites which will never go away until the developers stop supporting the games, hell even then we may keep them around..


We are looking for gamers that have time to play and get to know one another and participate at least 55% of the time in the community to really get a feel for anything or anyone.. We are a generally relaxed group of people that all know one another, so let's keep it that way! Please give this community a shot, we're always looking to make new connections, we're not that awful..

discord analytics


Click the 'Join Server' button below to connect to our Discord Server! We also have stats on our community, who's talking, how many are on, fluctuation of member joins and leaves if you scroll within STATBOT.

Hosted game servers


We host several different games for our community to play on. Below are the servers and online status. You can check stats on some of the servers by clicking on the link in 'Stats'.


Community ran and operated since 2018!